Bitcoin long-term: 100k in 2018

This is part of the chart from the video I just uploaded on YouTube.

Basically, the idea is that 2018 is Wave 5 & we should probably see $100k towards the end of the year.
So you predicting Zero and 100K ???
DrJLT wxman99
@wxman99, somewhere in between yes Sir
Agreed, the wave count is sound and logical. Fits also my analysis, plus masterluc posted a similar chart almost 1 year ago, which is always a good sign hehe.
@DrJLT you truly got the art and craft to see and apply TA and patterns. Everyone knows "History repeats itself" ;) ..I'm signing up for your class for sure!! -JM
..Thank your your time btw!!
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Well posting going to zero seems popular. But this just might become even more popular!
DrJLT leondb
@leondb, haha, If I said 250k / 1m it'll be popular :D

100k is not sensational :)
@DrJLT, By August... A little sensational... ;) Could've easily drawn the Wave 1 by being a short wave in the last half of 2015. Which would look closer to wave 1 in your first cycle you drew. And would also mean this wave cycle has ended and we are in the ABC correction. Kinda feel it is more likely atm. But... we'll see. Would definitely like if you are correct as I am not shorting!

It wouldn't have had a very big drop from Wave 1 in my suggestion which is why your analysis looks better. But just kind feels like we are in for a longer correction atm.
DrJLT Weavs844
@Weavs844, not august. end of year
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