BTC to 15K USD - And The Importance Of Admitting When You Fail!

Hello my lovely Crypto-Family!

D4rkEnergY is back with a follow up on his bold prediction from yesterday, where he predicted that Bitcoin would reach 15,000 USD before April. Let me just say, that so far everything goes according to the plan.

D4 has illustrated all the Elliott Wave counts for you. The Primary, sub-waves AND the sub-sub-waves. So far we had a bit more than a 50 % Fibonacci Retracement of the whole Elliot Subwave-Cycle, which now has become the 1st Primary EW!

Everything is good, so far. And we now have a perfect opportunity to make a reversal, and go along with our EW3. If we don't manage to kick start this Wave and instead go lower, I have drawn how low we can allow our self to go before, this scenario will be unlikely or fail.

If we go to around 61,8 %, the green box (10,200 USD), the retracement would still be perfectly healthy, and our scenario is still in play!

If we go under this level (the yellow box) it would still be a healthy retracement according to Elliott Wave Theory, BUT seen from a psychological point of view, it would NOT be optimal, since it under these circumstances would bring too much FUD in the market. And therefore would D4s scenario be more unlikely to play out.

And finally. If we go down to the Red Box (9,200 USD) we would have an Elliott Wave Failure, and this scenario is COMPLETELY dead.

D4 has seen that a lot of people out there suddenly became bearish from one day to another, because we saw a price drop. That is human nature, but we have to look at this in a broader picture, which still make me bullish on BTC!

If D4 is wrong in this scenario, I will be the first to admit it!! Remember:

It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us!

D4 loves you ALL <3

PS. I will fly back to our HQ in Seoul tonight, and make everything ready to Wednesday the 14th. The Setup is soon ready for you guys, so we finally can have this crazy party we all are looking forward too. I have now got more than 700 messages in my mail and inbox. Sorry, but I cannot answer all of them. Please be patient. I promise when the setup is ready everything will be good :) Remember to HIT that LIKE-button :)
评论: BTC dropped from 10,650 to 10,100 USD in no time. Directly through key support at 10,200 61,8 %. D4 has to admit, that he didn't saw that coming.

FUD is in the air!

评论: So we now know what caused this crazy fall in price. Rumors on Reddit and the hack on Binance were the reason. As I said, I will be the first to admit if my prediction was wrong, but of course no one can predict FA stuff like this will happen.

This hack has created a lot of fear, uncertainty and disbelief (FUD). A bear flag has now also been created, and we might go even lower.

The scenarios is in principle still in play since we haven't had a EW failure yet, but it's obviously quite likely anymore.

Thank you guys for your love and support here in the comment and on PM <3

Love you all! Please give a like for more updates :)

评论: Here is the update! INTENSE PRICE DROP! What Happened to Bitcoin? And Now What?

评论: Sorry. Here is the link:

评论: Sorry guys, I was banned for 24 hours, so I couldn't publish charts or answer
评论: My other chart got banned, so here is the update.


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what happend to your latest idea?! :D
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So where are you now ? People would like to know your opinion in this situation, not only when every thing is fine.
It's over Anakin I have the high ground.! xD
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Elliot Wave Failure!
We've hit the 200 MA on the Daily chart now. As a rule of thumb when you hit the 200 MA on the daily, you should always long it. Im going long. <3

alexcph alexcph
@alexcph, Let me CLARIFY; Ive only opened a small position for now. As we get confirmation of this being a bottom for now, I will add to my position. Dont go all in just yet!
@alexcph, from which dates do you infer this rule of thumb? I see this only once on the daily chart, and not before it was broken first. I see this going to 5800 now.
alexcph ChalifStorch
@ChalifStorch, Its just a general rule of thumb im legacy markets. But as we can see, it didnt work out this time. Also now the 50MA is about to cross the 200MA on the daily chart, which is really bad. Pretty much usually means a confirmation of the bear market. :-/
@D4rkEnergY have you read up on the story of Mt. Gox trustees dumping 400 million worth of BTC on the market? Supposedly he has 1.8 billion worth of BTC left to sell. This could be responsible for BTC prices being dragged down.
lol what is a "Elliot wave failure?"
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