BTCUSD Below $1000 after Reaching parabolic maximum at 30000

Parabolic grows ends it is already happen twice with 76% Fall and 86% Fall.
This time it would be 96% fall from $30 000 to only $1000.

My prediction is 20 January 2018.
评论: The Crush is not just a one day, but will continue whole 2018.
We saw it in 2013 and see for alts since June, almost all altcoins were in parabolic grow but lost 40-80% since June.
评论: Why the crush will start? Because people will realise that there are no enough real USD behind the pumps of Tether happening continuously 25-100 Million daily even hourly
交易开始: Corrction is inside the parabolic trend channel.
Resistance of lows is at ca. $12500 per Bitcoin.
If resistance holds we will still see $30000 per Bitcoin before the big correction starts.
订单已取消: Unfortunately the correction started earlier as I thought. the 12000 is broken.

Hopefully this would not end in total crush below 9000,because below 9000 even my optimistic prediction based on charts without previous crush would not work too
评论: We enter the correction earlier

The crypto market is big, BUT not so big as everybody claim

Current crush shows - selling cryptos in worth of 1 Billion crushs all the market for 50%

I can't image the stock of Apple would crush if 1% of it would be sold

Means the Crypto Markt is not 700 but ONLY 70 Billion WORTH

Factor 10x correction of all prices coming

$BTC $2000
$XVG 2 cent
$LSK $3
评论: At about 6300 there would be a bounce back till 14000
Then lose till down to 5000 with bounce to 9000
Later in September it will reach 3000
交易开始: June would be the buttom with 1500 and next Rally will go on for 2 years reaching new ATH at 200 000$ per $BTC
This shows it also broke out of your parabolic trend in 2013 well before peak
Thank you, enjoy your analysis and thanks for bringing all the real sides of this subject. would you make a post about alt coins which may have bright future? I am currently trying to invest for long term on alts, I ivested on some and consider to invest but I think I don't have enough insight and knowledge to predict the future, like what you said I am just trying to measure their capabilities. I try to invest on some coins which maybe able to bring something to this space and have a real use cases. My current picks :
Lisk - Monero- EOS - ADA - TenX - Komodo - Ark - Substratum - Walton - Venchain - Omisego - Qtum - Neo -Siacoin - Strat - Powr - Centra - QSP - ETH
@viparmenia so what is solution? take fiat or there will be switch between btc and bch for example or btc ltc?
viparmenia fairplay47
@fairplay47, solution is to #INWEST into good cryptos really developing crypto world with new ideas, technology and innovations.

Some of this cryptos would survive like some of .com survived the dotcom crush in 2000 (e.g. amazon, ebay, google) and now are the biggest companies of world.

BCH would not survive as of it is just made only because of bitcoin and against bitcoin. It have no any good technical background only speculatons, inside trading.

Bitcoin would not survive too, it is just highly speculative coin that financial sharks like to use to suck some money from naive people.
@vipramenia great research, you have me concerned as we seem to have broken the prabolic curve in the last couple of days, what does this mean? can you please share your thoughts
viparmenia AleemVirani
@AleemVirani, I have adapted the parabolic patterns to actual price. There is negligible change in time - the turn point is still end of January. Only change is the maximum price, 20% higher 40000 before the crush starts.
I put there also prediction in case that "black Swan" news with bankruptcy of a big echange appears later, in this case the situation from 2013 could repeat and there would be small crush for 70% till Middle of 2018 before the big crush with 90% comes.
Last is more optimistic, because falling from 240000 to 24 000 will sitll stay above current price.

ahahahahahahaha ;))))) 1000$ - 2018-2019 ? Dast ist Fantastik!!!
We will see 1K before 30K
philipjterry StuddMuffin
@StudMuffin, Why do you think it would go to 1k as opposed to say 3-6k?
StuddMuffin philipjterry
@philipjterry, Well, when I said this we were looking at $11K be the top. But I think a worst case prolonged bear market like last bubble could see a spike into the 1000s.
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