Watchlist Update 22 | BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR

Well guys, I did it. I went ahead and migrated the videos over to Youtube. But I will continue to post the description portion of the updates here, as that's where all you wonderful people are after all.

BTC-USD Coinbase | As of the recording of my video, there was still time to catch the incoming bounce after rumors on Binance broke down the ascending wedge pointed out for days now, but as I write this, the bounce is already in play and we've nearly surpassed 10,000 again! We're overbought on the 15min RSI so I expect a possible pullback to 9877

LTC-USD Coinbase | Just as with BTC , this was heavily affected by the Binance freakout today. It is more heavily oversold than BTC , though as I'm writing this the markets are seeing bulls enter the market with strength. I would be careful and take profits early, as BTC is overbought. Significant resistance is at 188.

ETH-USD Coinbase | ETH's story is much like LTC, though it's bounce is a little weaker. Significant resistance is at 775.

XMR-BTC Bittrex | I looked at this one out of randomness because it was performing well against BTC during this dump, for mysterious reasons. It appears to have broken an ascending triangle (to correct my terminology from the video) and is flagging a little now, finding equilibrium. A break of 0.034 would be a strong bull signal, while holding fast above 0.0342 would be even better, as that would be a breakout of the recent high. XMR looks strong and may be able to break through it's all-time highs soon.

That's all for today's update, keep an eye on my status updates where I will provide more info on how to find my videos.
Trade wisely, Roti out.

Can you post your link of youtube? Thanks for the info :)
RotiWokeman aeroreyna
@aeroreyna, I cannot directly post any links to social media on these ideas, per the House Rules (They already took down most of my videos, which is why I've moved most of my material over to Youtube). Check my status update in your ideas stream and on my profile page. I'm not sure what that looks like on your end. Do you see the link in there?
aeroreyna RotiWokeman
@RotiWokeman, Got it, Thanks
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