市场周期长线分析 Market Cycle Long Period Analysis

如果把比特币的减半作为时间分割,把月度RSI作为牛熊分界指标,辅助以Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves,再加上一点点拍脑袋就会形成这样的趋势分析。
评论: 基于本图可以预测,本轮牛市在2021年9月或10月份达到10万美元左右,然后寻找支撑位置进行下跌。但也不排除如果2021年初涨得太快有回调的可能性。只要涨得太快就卖一些。
评论: Bitcoin's halving as time segment,
monthly RSI as the bull bear indicator,
Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves as prediction,
Added a little guesswork,
you have a trend analysis like this.

Based on this chart, we can predict that this bull market will reach around $100,000 in September or October 2021, and then look for support positions to fall. But there's also the possibility of a pullback if the market rises too fast in early 2021. Sell as long as it's going up too fast.


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