Weekly review of 10 major cryptocurrencies 5.02.18 - 11.02.18

Last week, the prices of the main cryptocurrencies fell in the beginning of the week and recovered at the end.
Bitcoin almost didn’t change in price, and its share in total capitalization only slightly decreased (to 34.4%).
The number of billionaire-coins increased to 27, and their total number (according to increased to 1526.
The total capitalization of cryptocurrency market exceeded $ 400 billion.

Bitcoin fell by 1% from $ 8,200 to $ 8,100, however it was falling to $ 6,000 and rising to $ 9,000 during the week.
On the weekly chart, the rate remained lower than the fast and slow moving averages, which doesn’t look good for the buyers. At the same time, the rebound from the October’s price of $ 6,000 is convincing enough to suggest that this level will support this week.
On the daily chart , we see consolidation near the fast moving average within the medium-term downtrend.

Recommendation: open positions for sale on the upsurge of the rate above $ 9,000

Ethereum for the week fell by 2% from $ 825 to $ 810, also visiting the $ 565 mark

It looks like consolidation begins between the fast and slow moving averages ($ 950 and $ 600 this week) with not yet clear perspectives.
On the daily chart the rate reached the target for the corrective wave C and rebounded, consolidating around the fast moving average.

The technical outlook here is also mixed and most likely this week Ethereum will remain in the range of $ 600- $ 950.
In general, Ethereum looks stronger than other top coins.

Ripple (XRPUSD) for the week increased by 20% from $ 0.81 to $ 0.97, reaching a maximum of $ 1.25

The important support at $ 0.9 has been restored. The support is also the slow moving average of the weekly chart at $ 0.77.
Above is the resistance from $ 1.3 to $ 1.5
This week a consolidation in a wide range is quite likely.

BCHUSD for the week increased by 5% from $ 1,150 to $ 1,210, also visiting the $ 760 mark

While the rate is below $ 1370, further downgrade is more likely.

Litecoin for the week increased by 1% from $ 147 to $ 149, also reaching a minimum of $ 105 during the week

It seems that the downward momentum is suspended by the buyers.
This week consolidation is possible at the achieved levels.

DASH grew by 6% for the week from $ 545 to $ 580, also reaching a minimum of $ 370 during the week

While the rate is below $ 650 (slow moving average), further decline is more likely.

NEM for the week fell by 4% from $ 0.54 to $ 0.52 minimum being at $ 0.35

The decline continues. The rebound is weak and unconvincing and it is better to use it to open short positions with the target of about $ 0.2
Support levels: $ 0.5 and $ 0.2
Resistance at $ 1

Monero for the week increased by 3% from $ 220 to $ 227 minimum being at $ 150

Support at the slow moving average is so far keeping the rate from decline, but it’s quite likely in the near future (probably after the upward correction).
Support at $ 215, $ 150, $ 80
Resistance at $ 280 and $ 330.

NEO decreased by 5% from $ 106 to $ 101 minimum being at $ 63

NEO remains in the picture of the growing trend, pushing away from the slow moving average on $ 63.
Buy on kickbacks.

IOTA fell by another 4% from $ 1.74 to $ 1.67 minimum being at $ 1.20

Consolidation on a falling trend.
Further decline is more likely.
Sell on rebounds to $ 2 and above
Support is at about $ 1 and $ 0.5

We wish you profitable deals and follow our reviews!
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