BTC in No Man's Land

We'll have to wait and watch but I've tried to sketch some solid trend lines as part of a bigger picture. Let's see how it goes. If you're already in, hold. If you haven't bought, wait. If you're short selling, take your profit and wait for an entry point. Things could get a little fishy but I think the bottom is near. A lot of orders piling up around the $7000 mark on big exchanges. I don't see it going much lower. Otherwise, the big guys would have pulled off their orders to create chaos and let the market fall lower so they can lowball. As always, the downtrend starts when everybody thinks it's gonna keep going up. The uptrend starts when the last guy in the room thinks this is the end.
评论: If the 4H candle closes above the trend line passing through $7500, it will be a good time to start buying.
评论: Picking me some Cardano, Tron , Stellar, Ethereum Classic and Stellar.
评论: Nice bounce from the second line as you can see. Some noobs here were talking about simple charts. I don't believe in long term predictions and speculation. I like to keep it simple and it works for me.
update ?
Bitcoin bubble is popping. It's in capitulation phase. Unless you want to sell the dead cat bounce, I don't think your prediction is right.
fakhan wdtsao
@wdtsao, Keep selling, I'm buying.
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wdtsao fakhan
@fakhan, Look, I respect you. Your charts have been correct up to now, including ripple. This time is different. Bitcoin is going to die, and all the crypto market is going to sink with it. The downtrend is too deep, triggering government and bank clamp down and investors leaving the space. Bitcoin is showing to be just a new version of the old penny stock pump and dump.
fakhan wdtsao
@wdtsao, Okay drama queen. You go on have a drink or a smoke. You're letting emotions play with your head.
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fakhan fakhan
@fakhan, This is just people like you overreacting and panic selling and the whales are kicking themselves laughing waiting for THE PERFECT BUY.
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Seriously, these are your up-trend lines? Based on 1 point in space? I suggest visiting a charting school.
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Dont keep a stop loss. Market maker knows where it is and will take you out.
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@Acel, Oh yes I got that part covered.
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