WOOW! Great news BTC-holders!

Hi again, my beloved fans!

Even though D4rkEnergY doesnt celebrate The Chinese New Year, he will still provide his fans with presents. Its time to smile!

We are looking at the 4h BTCUSD chart. As you can see we have in a long period been in a down trending channel. D4rkEnergY already predicted 8 days ago, that we finally would break out of it, when he saw an inverse HS pattern slowly take form. To be fair D4 thought we would break through in the first attempt, but another bounce was needed before the bears got exhausted.

We are at this moment close to 10k. We always have to be aware of the big even numbers. There will always be huge resistance or support at these numbers.

Right now we are witnessing a crazy battle between the bulls and the bears. The bulls are trying to penetrate 10k, but its even harder because of the EMA200 is the same place.

D4rkEnergY will tell you one thing. The bulls will NOT win right now and here. Look at the incoming bearish MACD cross. This battle will probably take a day or two. Expect that we will range within the pink triangle!

But wait... The clever fan out there has already noticed, that the pink triangle I drew, is not just a normal triangle but an ascending triangle . That basically means that even though it will be hard for the bulls to go through 10k, on the other hand will the bears not be able to make lower lows.

And we all know what that means. The bears must give up and we will finally break through!

D4rkEnergy is everywhere, D4rkEnergY predicts everything
交易结束:到达目标: D4 nailed it again! It went up a little before than expected, but instead it made this beautiful Bull Flag which is always a possibility in these kind of patterns!

Its all about exhausting the bears!

D4rkEnergY loves u <3

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I think your analysis is correct but your resistance on the wrong place. I'd put it around 10800, which is the level we find it at the moment. If it brakes from here then yes, very little resistance until higher numbers.
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I SEE BAT pattern forming; its short
@D4rkEnergY Does not it start to alarm you that both lines of mac are about to cross?
What next?
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macd settings are for the stock market, not crypto......should be different, but not sure what it would be.....??
03hill 03hill
@03hill, I looked it up, I don't use MACD because the concept is embedded in Ichimoku Cloud, but I think you would get more use from a 20 ,60 MACD setting
Very nice analysis.
Nice work, I appreciate the analysis.
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