BTC USD 10900$ - 940$ ???

BTC USD 10900$ - 940$ ???
Channel "The Eye of God" or a horror story for bitcoin holders.

I understand it looks intimidating - but if it turns out true, the lucky ones will fix the maximum profit of $ 10900
and give up the buy and hold strategy for 2 years.

And the time will come for those selling in the short - for a long time
Let's see... after an expected pullback, I think all preparations are done to start the grand finale with a last wave. Markers are appearing in the orderbook (Bitfinex). Within 5 hours BC will enter the 10k zone.
Nice approach. Especially because I'm thinking price is pumped on purpose the last days. Check the order books, every $50 mark there is a huge block. it starts with huge sell orders at a certain price, then relatively big ask orders flow in so sellers are bidding just above to fulfill their order quick. Sellers want the same so they put their orders above the sell block -> price rises.
At a certain point, the process reverts. buy-blocks are removed and price drops. This swing is going on for a few days now, and giving substantial profits for those who ride it.
I'm quite convinced something is trading with itself pushing back-and-forth(just like a kid doing on a swing)...
If it has something to do with the Futures (make them very attractive...) I don't know, but we will find out soon. Inthe meantime, whoever is on this runaway train, don't forget to jump off before it crashes. It will be huge.
@tcasaer, Yes, the main thing is to have time to jump off
tcasaer RomeoDavinci
@RomeoDavinci, when everybody jumps off at the same time because of the sudden lack of time, it will derail... whichever comes first, the effect will be the same, it crashes.
@tcasaer, I agree
WinifredLi tcasaer
@tcasaer, I agree, the pump past 24hrs is too good to be true, whatever is happening is beyond TA.
tcasaer WinifredLi
@WinifredLi, Indeed, the trend not following any of the indicators based on technical analysis (which most, at their turn, are based on psychology and crowd behavior) is like an inherent proof this is not human behavior.
I believe in the psychological barrier of 10k everybody wants BC to achieve, but imho it's impossible this finale can be pushed by real people with real money in only one go (and only two days!) without correction levels in between.
This looks like a giant pump/wash but for some reason everybody seems to ignore it. Even the press is still writing this is a final proof of mainstream adoption, but I don't think so... It's a self-sustainable system and no influx of USD is needed to maintain this. Transfer back and forth between USD and BC gives more gain then the costs of the fees.
I wonder how long this can be maintained before someone stops it (if it even can be stopped, what makes it the downside of an unregulated system. It's inherently shielded).
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@tcasaer, what can not be stopped - it should be used
tcasaer RomeoDavinci
@RomeoDavinci, yes, used and abused. One has to accept it's part of this high-risk game. Some win, most loose
RomeoDavinci WinifredLi
@WinifredLi, 5 wave typically pumping and manipulation
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