There is no good news for BTC

Dont you tired of all those nonsense predictions that market is now bullish again? :D I dont even going to waste time drawing it. Fact is that BTC as all other swill go down in matter of 5-8 days.

You can put buy orders on 6500$
评论: Well looks like you could put buy orders not at 6500$ but rather ~6800$ Then BTC should be higher whole year. Now whales got their profits, will hold price few days and then will rebuy dip.
What makes you think we go down?
selespeed.tan galactictourist
@galactictourist, downward trend line is likely observed stopping its rise. Unless we can break out of the slope.
tommix galactictourist
@galactictourist, hmm maybe fact that BTC went up 80% in matter of 10days. Do you people ever learn from past misstakes? :) Also im just about as much sure it will go down as all those other people that it will rise :) This is just nonsense made up by humans looking at past price change, volume and so on.. Im 20% sure it will rise to 13000 and 80% it will fall not reaching 13 000$
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