BTCUSD: 2.5k, a terrible and painful fate for btc


For anyone who took profit above 12k and did not enter to buy btc again, they are the lucky fellows.
Becoz, technically, on daily chart , BTC is facing a deeper drop on its wave three.
A retest of 6k is quite accepted and some technically analysis now turning their targets down to 2,5k, almost same position where BTC start to rise.

OMG , less is more!
评论: Many traders question me about where is 2,5 k now?
Check the chart above, that btc found its support at the bottom of the first blue arrow.
And broke the channel.
Thats why we are not saying 2,5k now but a correction back to neck position.
交易结束:到达目标: You could consider this trade hit target 1 but not hitting target 2 yet.
All signals 20% off.
Tele public channel:
Please Contact me personally via :
1.Wechat: ziyuvera
2.TELE:@VeraFuntrader (

Hey Vera, can we have an update plz? thank you
Vera, answer the Yuukii's comment please, otherwise delete your account.
Vera, are you still standing by your target of $2.5-3k for BTC?
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Hi - which level are you looking for a downside reversal on BTC? Are you looking at around $10000? Thanks for your insight
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Sorry Vera but I don't think your targets will come true, I think we are experiencing wave 2 ABC correction to around Fib 61.8. The RSI also reached the same levels we had at 6K so we will have a lot of buying pressure at this level. Also I'm quite sure the major inverse H&S will still play out just like the H&S did at 19k, we didn't go down straight away, we had a last run to 17k. Also the media is spreading fear atm, great indicator to buy ;)
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Forget the resistance-lines, the support-lines, the triangles, the toplines, the EMA or RSI, the waves Elliot etc.etc.

The market follows almost exact the same fractal again and again and again!!

Averse from all these indicators is it going its own way!

the JOES-fractal (the btc-core-fractal) is the one who slams the drum!

check it out at cryptopaatje
Hi Vera,

Thank you for the post. I thought you were crazy when I first saw your post. But after reassessing BTC I have now changed my target to $2740.

And thank you for sticking to your TA while others think you are insane.

Taiwan Bear
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Still going down
I see your TA post.
Then i realise that i might not be completely retarded with my 3400 Usd target.
And i feel good.
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