BTC short opportunity 9430-9500$

According to the last analysis, we reached the first short target

i already took 30% profit, and waiting for 9340$+

i will set short position at 9430-0500$, even at9340$( more aggressive)

评论: i post my previous analysis here

交易开始: yesterday, i closed my part of long position at 9270 (sl:9200), and also open new short order at 9280$+, im more aggressive.

now i fill my long at 9050$, SL: 8990$

this long position hedge for my short position (9800$,9680$,9560$, 9280$)

if price can go up to 9160-9200$, i will close long position, if price can reach 9270+$, i will add short position.

i wanna see 8400+ on July 24th
评论: we see 8900$ again, i think that drop is a good retest for last drop, (volume is lower than before), i buy back long position at 8950$ ( also hedge for my short position)
评论: i added short position at 9381-9420$, i will stop loss at any time for this position

for my long position which cost is under 9000$, i will hold for next coming bull market, and i will buy more long position contracts when price at 8400-8700$
评论: lol, price was dumped below 9270$, if price cannot be rebound bcak above 9270$ daily chart level , we will see 9000, 8800$ again

i will add more long position orders at 8800-8400$
评论: BTC daily trade 1h chart, target 9230-9300$

1, btc will have big move in next week, if it cannot stand above 9300$ , i will still look at 8700-8400$

2. Daily trading opportunities, in 1 hour chart, btc will pump to 9230-9300$

i closed my short part by part, hold long position around 8900-9000$, if price pumps to 9230-9300$, i will still consider to add short position with SL.

评论: btc bull run ! 4 hours chart, target 9600-9800-10000-10200$ !
1, buy more on dips,As long as the blue trend can be hold

2, 4 hours chart, target 9600-9800-10000-10200$

评论: 9400-9430$ is important level, if we cannot break that, we stilll have a possible final shakeout, just be careful

but finally, we will see 14000$ again


I prefer red flag bro.
+2 回复
Phi-Deltalytics Hydax-JChen
@Hydax-JChen, same here.
Biduoduoduo Phi-Deltalytics
@Phi-Deltalytics, we all wanna see a short term correction
+1 回复
Hydax-JChen Biduoduoduo
@Biduoduoduo, Yes. Want to get more BTC
+1 回复
MrSwifty Hydax-JChen
@Hydax-JChen, agreed
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