BTC & Alts in the first bull market of 2018

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As I mentioned in my last post, I believe we'll have two bull markets in 2018: March -> May & Sept -> Nov

This is for BTC I meant.

For Alts, I see it a bit different:

  • Right now, Alts are obviously OUT.
  • I suspect ETH will pick up towards April.
  • Major alts will pick up in April & May.
  • Shitcoins will NOT.
  • In June BTC may have reached my $35k target & start correcting to $17k circa.
  • ETH may keep going up a bit & then top out.
  • In September, BTC will REALLY rally.
  • ETH stays still.
  • Shitcoins crash.
  • In early Dec, BTC will reach 100k & top out & start correcting.
  • In October, major alts start rally.
  • In November, the market is EUPHORIC. MAJOR ALTS REALLY RALLY.
  • Nov->Dec, shitcoins will rally.

I'll adjust myself to this. Long-term is the best trading strategy & it's important to know the trends such as this.

I would make a YT vid but I'm too busy at the moment. Perhaps later.
I think ETH, NEO and ICX will not move as the rest of the altcoin market, because they are ecosistems with own life now, XMR will move up also, but the rest...will be sinking till Q3. Shit coins will dissapear, and ICO's...not sure, very risky now
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@fabaUY, some shitcoins will disappear but they will become an increasingly bigger proportion of the MCAP.
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i also think maybe one leg down for both btc and eth not trading advice
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also i think shitcoin cash may pump sooner but who knows TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK SHEEPLE
DrJLT Doc-al-Citadel
@qdoc, perhaps later :D
@DrJLT, or never, i think it's back to where it came from (300) or 3k
just think u might be underestimating eth
looks right to me doc
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