• BTCUSD quick correction and to the new highs!

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perhaps too young to be aware of bubbles?
cycler stelakis
@stelakis, bitcoin costs $1350 to mine, doesn't most stuff have a 1000% markup?
stelakis cycler
@cycler, honestly I have no clue how even a single bitcoin is "produced" -despite several hours of reading on the subject I can not explain this in a way that makes sense - however, we are not talking about a rare element here... how much does it take to locate, get right, extract, process, refine, distribute say...oil? 1000% mark up at the pump? not really... my friend we can enjoy the ride as long as it lasts, but this is just hype, and a bubble for sure..if its not and its worth something the big interests (banks, IRS, wall street etc) will take the game to their level.... and it wont be what it is now for sure...
cycler stelakis
@stelakis, I was joking, its a bubble, and everyone entering the market today is going to lose their money. Probably within a week or two as well, maybe even this weekend. watch the tether printing factory, they are pushing the price as high as they can so that they can cash out now. the people selling today have owned bitcoin since sub 500, even sub $5, it is possible for a 24 hour 85% crash anytime now, but very likely for a test of the sma 50 or 100 soon. just imo.
cycler cycler
@cycler, if it keeps pushing it could get pretty high first though.
just quick correction will happen.Then , BTC will go up to 15K.
just waiting big correction at 50k
You are a genius analyst
thanks a lot
You still believe in correction 10K to 7K?
+1 回复
attique315 Green03
@Green03, what you believe in ?
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