BTCUSD Week 8 - What are we watching?

- Price has reached a range where it was previously in a pennant ie. there was uncertainty around this range, so not too surprised to see price chop a bit here with a lot of mixed signals looking at the 4H candles in this area.
- It hit bear channel resistance after recovering from a two week low of ~6k to a little less than 12k. Almost a 100% rally, not bad.
- We're short term neutral to bearish , currently not holding anything and looking for a re-entry of 30% buy positions/ladder around the 0.382, 0.5, 0.618 fib levels.

Follow me for frequent updates/entries and please like if you appreciate the idea!
评论: Dropped the fib buys and eyeing this measured move:

评论: Entry around 9320 missed and not going to FOMO join this just yet.

Back to the waiting game.

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