After having little comeback,BTC will rise after 1 more wave

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We all know what did happen in Sept 16,a big fall of BTC and nearly spike down to $2.800.And today BTC have made it passing recovery checkpoint 2 days before Big down Happen (Sept 14).but the price wont go smoothly to the top without any waves and corection,there is a lot of waves and you know that is ussual behavior of the chart.

2 Waves have nearly done after reaching back to $4000 level.and i think there is will be the 3rd waves coming.and even in 2 down direction waves,we all can still make profit by playing ping-pong.just like me making 6 trade in 2 days and making 12% profit while the chart go down.Waves is essential in chart and you must be friend with it
评论: Just like the one i have try to analyst before,bitcoin will go down for 1-2 days and go up.
we can see the chart have go down to recovery line (blue one) and have a little fight there with little waves.
after all,within my last ideas which is BTC will go down for moment proved right.this is the safety measure we talk about,just like @goldbug1 said,it is trader vs gambler.
交易结束:到达目标: After going down like predicted,the chart start going up and making new waves.and now the gamble begin.is this gonna be fast or with many waves to the north
Nice chart, I should learn about the fibb spiral a little more. see it often, I guess we get stuck in our methods!

Nice article, and thanks for the props buddy!!
it's been down and back kissing the 3900 line, so tiring =)
furabit kesmoments
@kesmoments, Yeah bro,its start going up but not so straight up.i think its start forming a new waves
So you think we go down to 3800? and then up?

furabit realdelboysales
@realdelboysales, yeah,even BTC want to recovery from it big loss before,nothing will go straight to the to.Momentum is all it takes to go top,Trading sideways isn't a bad thing to do as long as you careful.
be careful and patience will bring you better vision.

furabit realdelboysales
@realdelboysales, Looks like it is just like the idea have said became reality,Spres you safety net and ready to take a big dip
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