Bitcoin interim top complete?

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The bears are everywhere. Which probably means they have all already sold. The institutions are very thankful. Going into this weekend we saw peak FUD out of china. Charlie Lee (brother of bobby lee) says that mining will not be banned. I suppose OTC 15.38% trading could still be banned, which will make things tough for miners, maybe that is the red option?

Either way, uncertainty will be removed. This has been a very interesting bull market, as i've mused about on twitter , it seems the market loves when uncertainty is removed regardless of resolution. So this can apply to segwit2x as well. Basically a month from now there will be absolutely nothing that can stop bitcoin . Not china, not forks, not x y or z. If you are hoping for a 2014 bear market i'm sorry but its just not coming. We had our chance. What entities are you selling your coins to? hmmmmm....

The self-fulfilling prophecy of bitcoin continues. Good luck.
评论: Potential inverse h + s forming, structurally a bit messy but volume wise looks perfect:
评论: On the brink of a break out! Buy volume came in for the right shoulder, and picking up as we break through the neckline as you would want to see:
评论: As i pointed out on twitter about litecoin (charts pretty much in sync right now) we have a nice adam and eve bottom forming:
评论: Looking great. Price action looks strong, MACD just crossed. Meeting resistance from the 50 day MA so some consolidation in this area before going higher (as initially anticipated) is likely:
评论: Also, just adding this to show the inverse h + s pattern target on the 1h chart was reached:
评论: And now maybe a nice handle for the cup as we meet resistance (on the daily chart):
评论: Not really a cup and handle more of a break out and retest of support before going higher. Anyway, never get caught up in the labels : ) A moon's a moon, coming soon:
评论: Bitcoin on fire, bears getting massacred. Was messing around on twitter at how all of these head and shoulders patterns have been faking out the bears. They have almost been bullish patterns with bitcoin haha
评论: Another bullish head and shoulders pattern lol
评论: bull flag
评论: Would you like some handle with that cup? Yes please : )
评论: Alste was wrong! LOL : )
Ascending Scallop I reckon similar to C&H
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btc_joe zippy1day
@zippy1day, haha interesting! It does look like that : )
i like it, good job
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does inverse hs mean going down?
btc_joe mkenzie
@mkenzie, an inverse head and shoulders a bullish reversal pattern:
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mkenzie btc_joe
@btc_joe, Thanks
For a rise, it must dip no?

Do you expect a dip further?
btc_joe realdelboysales
@realdelboysales, I think the green option is the most likely so no. But it could, from a technical perspective you will have more confirmation when it breaks above $4150 or so.
Yep I agree with you. So much fud on tradingview to 2400. Mostly all noobs thinking its over. I think however its the alts time to shine for a bit.
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