Bitcoin 8K Target ALL-READY!

The 8k Target I posted about 16 days ago is now within reach.
What to do?
8k is the target with slightly higher objectives (8300-9k) - unload at or just above here.
If you are a trader, you know it's time to take profits.
If you are a hoper/holder, prepare for a 30-50% haircut before going higher.
This is how EXPONENTIAL MOVES correct.
I'm ready...are you?

Just as analyzed.... Thanks sir
Hello Scott thanks for being an inspiration and continuing to upload all sorts of awesome ideas as frequently as you do! I had a quick question about the ratios here, I know one way to get .414 is sqrt(2) - 1 but I was wondering just what 2.362 is derived from..? Been studying the varying levels of importance when it comes to FX/Crypto and these 'golden' ratios however I've never seen that one used confidently before and it definitely piques my interest :)
@tciresi, use 224 ...2362 not site
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30% down then 8k?
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@ali7861, I think 8k and then -30% from there..
ScottCarney abid1986
snakeat3r ScottCarney
@ScottCarney, I really want this to be the case, TA says its time for correction, but fork is still two weeks ahead so its kinda illogical because folks are holding for it (which doesn't make much sense to me since there is no replay protection and folks will be stuck with BTC that will be dumping hard and they won't be able to safely withdraw it from their wallets). We should see at least a tiny correction before that.

/another day, another fork, another shitcoin to dump/ (when will people learn heh?)

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ali7861 ScottCarney
@ScottCarney, so is 8k the long term target after big correction?
Hi Scott,thanks for the chart,so as I understand there is correction before going to 8k??
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