Going to $13k and then We See Happens Next

BTC made a beautiful bounce and is now headed up towards $13k. Watch out for critical levels on the chart. Remember, we still don't know if this is the end but for now, why not ride it up to $13k? If it starts falling from there, we sell again and buy later. Rinse and repeat. This kind of stuff is a daytrader's dream. Who wants to hold when you can ride it up and down?
评论: Trade not active yet. Waiting for a clear signal.
交易开始: I'm in. Let's do this.
评论: Like Matthew Mccounaghey says, "Nobody knows if the stock is gonna go up, down or in f*cking circles." It all comes down to ODDs and RISK/REWARD. Ask yourself this:
1. What are the odds of it going up compared to it going down?
2. Is the risk/reward to my appetite?

If those answers make you want to open a trade, go for it.
评论: All in. SL @ $8200. TP @ $10,700.
评论: We're definitely in the clear. Time to open more trades.
评论: This is a perfect uptrend. Higher highs, higher lows. Get in! Don't miss this.
评论: Above reference is to 15 min chart. Please do your own research and due diligence, this is not investment advice. ( But you know what I mean ;) )
Yes there is a perfect uptrenda channel, im in but we have to see whats gonna happen and around 9.1k resistance.
@Acel, Sure.
*whistles*. Still not entirely convinced myself, but...as you say...$8.2k is, in the Grand Scheme of Things, 'a good price'.

I'm holding out for the time being, FWIW. I just feel there's more to come. But, hey?

(Good film, by the way.)
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fakhan streamDr
@streamDr, Oh I'm finally convinced. Watch the price action. Definitely headed up.
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streamDr fakhan
@fakhan, I'm watchin'. I'm watchin'...
streamDr fakhan
@fakhan, LOL. (Not bleeding yet, though)
fakhan streamDr
@streamDr, Hahaha.
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streamDr fakhan
@fakhan, <update>"Wha...??(mmnum-numnnum)...what's that...?(mmnum-nnumn)...slightly metallic taste in my mouth?(mmnumn..)?</update> ;-)
@fakhan, I´m following you! liked the way you see things, practical and to the bone. keep updating please!
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