BTC drop to 5800 USD then MOON

BTC is set to drop lower. We have yet to see a reversal pattern. Trend line (yellow lines) is being respected for nearly 2 months now. We keep seeing lower highs and lower lows. I think we're clearly seeing a downtrend Elliott waves here meaning the 3rd wave isn't done yet. FIBs add up as well. 5800 USD area is what my chart is telling me.

BTC is set to go back up above ALL TIME HIGH but it is simply not done dropping yet. This means anyone who panic sells right now is not only losing money from their initial investment but are also missing out on a great opportunity to more than double simply by HODL'ing for a bit longer.

My take on it is if you are already into this trade just HODL don't sell, don't panic, don't take a decision based off of emotions. Be CALM, be PATIENT and be STRONG. The people controlling this market are currently running new cryptocurrency investors to bankruptcy and it is very saddening.

Me and my followers are actively trading this coin and we are being SAFE about it. Follow me on telegram if you want to be updated on this trade.

Don't let the billionaires that run this market take money out of the pocket of honest people like you and everyone in your surrounding. Together we can beat the whales and the malicious bankers. HODL, don't let your friends and family sell at a lost, the green candles and the money are coming back soon! SHARE THIS CHART.

交易开始: Both target reached. Selling target $8900. Which will gets us a 36% increase from Entry 1 and 52% from Target 2.

评论: Sell target changed to 8100 area. Then we wait to see what the market does and we adjust. Cheers!
Do you have any update bro?
Denzoss ahken229
@ahken229, Standing my ground, hasnt given me any indication that It will drop lower than 5.8k area.
Looks good. I will wait for -5000$ as a low risk entry.
How did you draw your FIB? I dont get it tbh.
That really is the sad thing to me. Like you said, you have good, honest people who see an opportunity to pull themselves out of their normal struggle to get by- they work hard to put every penny away they can- they see an opportunity like crypto that they see as a once in a lifetime opportunity to make some headway in the rat race; to get some extra money in savings. They take the risk and put what savings they have into the market hoping it’ll pan out. They buy in... then they get rekt by whales- stripped by Wall Street traders out for blood- shorted into loss.

The saddest part of this is I see these unlucky, sad people now lamenting. Sure it was a gamble. But nobody deserves to get taken advantage of. When I see all these people in the chat rooms laughing at “fools” who are losing money so they can get rich...

I’m not that kind of person. Sure, it’s a give and take market- winners and losers- but I’ve seen crypto, especially those shorting the market just begging for those who bought at the top to lose it all so they can get richer and richer. It makes me sad. I’ve lost money in this market, so I know how it feels. Not too much so far, because I bought in before things took off.

But I feel for the honest people who are upside down now. Their intentions were honest. They never expected this.

So for all- let’s please have some courtesy and kind consideration for others. I’m really tired of seeing the ugliness since all the shorting came in. Things were so much friendlier when everyone wanted to win and help others win. Now it’s about tricking people into making the wrong decisions so they can profit.

But I like your positive message. Thanks for bringing some positive vibes to those who are down.
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BRRD TheGush
@TheGush, I don't think people benefit from being treated like victims here.

Putting all your savings into Bitcoin? You've only got yourself to blame if things don't go how you think they will (ie get rich very quickly - not a very good "honest" intention really).

It's nothing to do with Wall Street - in these highly speculative markets big problems come to anyone based on the level of their personal greed. It is each person's entire responsibility what they do with their money.
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I should add that I don't condemn or ridicule anyone. But if anyone put their life savings into Bitcoin they need to treat everything as a personal learning experience that can really bring something positive.

But the worst thing anyone can do in this specific case is blame anyone else. Nothing positive will come out of that delusion.
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@BRRD, agreed. We all have need to exercise fiscal responsibility. Ultimately, you’re right. The “don’t invest more than you can afford to lose” maxim is popular for a reason.

I mean- approaching it totally open minded- I could see the Darwinian argument- “survival of the fittest”, those who adapt to changing conditions will be the ones to survive and thrive.

Still, we’re human beings and I have compassion, even if people have made “stupid” decisions. We’ve all made foolish decisions. Doesn’t mean someone who makes such a decision is stupid. Emotions override logic all the time.

My opinion is that the majority of these investors weren’t driven by pure “greed”. Speaking for myself, I got in for 2 reasons. I believe that crypto/blockchain will change the world - and I can be perfectly honest, the equally weighted draw was not greed, but opportunity.

I have busted my butt to save what I have. It has taken me YEARS to amass the savings I have- to see an opportunity where I could make the same amount in a week as I could saving every penny, having to miss out on enjoying my life because “I don’t have the money”/“I’m saving up”.

In November, I made more money in crypto than I did working my 60hr/week job that month. I threw what I could in because I knew there would never be an opportunity like this again to better mine/my family’s lives. Of course, I lost it all, because I am a victim- the victim you’re painting here - a victim of my own foolishness, like so many others. The siren’s song was just too beautiful to resist. I drove my ship into the rocks. No one to blame but me, I agree.

At any rate, I hope we all see success and I hope we all find what we are seeking in this endeavor. Whether that be to get out of debt, to build up savings/retirement, or to simply improve our positions in life. I wish bad for no one.
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