Top of Trend. Reversal time???

BTC now touched the very top of bearish trend that started on Dec 17. Now the time for a reversal for the 5th and final wave to test our lows.
I will now be shorting and staying out of the market unless broken out of the bearish trend . Like if you Agree.
Happy losing games!
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It will likely break this trend line so more traders can claim "BEAR TREND OVER!!!". Do they really think that market-makers aren't watching it?
The moment that everyone is telling you to buy, you should leave :)) and we're very close to this moment.
ZoeBouvier mark124
@mark124, I personally don't think they care what people are saying "todo" less than 1% of btc buyers actually look at chats. Graph patterns help us predict the market of human actions, If this were true patterns wouldn't make any sense and there be no way to potentially predict the market. Not saying your wrong it wont break this trend line it very well possibly can, i'm just betting my predictions that it wont unless gone bullish, by a margin of course.
@mark124, Yes, I think that to, since the 06 drop. And it's happening. However BTC has surprise us all a lot of times in the pass. Scary stuff...it can jump very high very quickly. Good trade, thanks for sharing.
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Probably we will see 8.600 usd...hope so
ZoeBouvier Laranja1
@Laranja1, Ya I'm thinking will either see a double bottom reversal at 6k or final wave to 5k.
Thanks for sharing.
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