Dump money daily update chart

My last signal posted was a short over 18k.
So the plan is simple, let the fish drown in their own water because they are so retarded, they can't swim.
I know i will be attack for writing that , i must tell you its an honor.
I would not love myself if those type of kids would support me, this would means i'm dump money too :(

The dump money, with no formation in trading, still think they will be millionnaire with 5k-10k of BTC right now.
It is the case if it was silver , but don't forget we talk about dump money :)

Right now, people who buy btc are not hedge funds, etc.. the got in earlier.. its kids under 30 years old from everywhere.
You watch them putting their bill in btc atm machine and you can see they are brain dead in their eye, it's so funny.
They are fish swimming with the sharks YUMMY :)

Me i was really interested when ETH was at 12$ and BTC under 1k. (mining cost)
Like i'm interested in silver under 20$ when i know all the manipulation needed to keep at this price.

So the plan is simple, let the fish drown in their own water because they are so retarded they can't swim.
I know i will be attack for writing that , i must tell you its an honor to be on smart money side and fight brainwashed fanatic.

For those who will want to attack me for saying that, you're welcome.
Ill leave you alone, reality will take care of you and i will be the last to laugh like always :)
They say: Live today, fuuck tomorrow.. I say live with less today to live a better life tomorrow.
Always do the inverse of people are saying and thinking is a winner strategy on the long term.

Why fuck tomorrow and not today
hi do you know how what is the best time to buy and how deep is the dip? thanks!
sevensphere markgardy
@markgardy, i can't tell you an exact number. When the weekly / monthly trend will be at the bottom, you can start to looks for buy setup. If you want to get rich quickly and invest with the smart money do into silver. Dump money will say buy silver and go to sleep for 10 years then youll make money. They are wrong, we are in the middle of a currency crisis. If you buy silver you have Russia and China having your back. The manipulation in precious metal is huge. The truth about crypto, is they want to put negative interest rates during the next crash. They cannot have paper cash then because you would have a run on the back. They spend so much controlling reality trying to convince people you can have money created and backed by nothing. Poor kids.. Do you prefer been back by russia and china or kids under 30y from south korea and people putting all their saving in crypto, without any formation, thinking they get rich in a matter of month.. as i said if you have more than 500oz of physical silver, yea you would be, else.. no sorry
anoinvest sevensphere
@sevensphere, Sir .. its a dumb money not dump ;) Cheers
sevensphere anoinvest
@anoinvest, if you check my last posts you will see that my english is bad :) At least they dump money to us so you get the idea :)
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