BTCUSD update : waiting for the signal of entry, again

BTCUSD update : waiting for the signal of entry, again
This time is waiting for the start of wave 3.
6950-4880 , possible.
Less is more!
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I'm not trying to be an asshole but on what premise do you think that BTC will experience such a massive drop? At this moment this just seems too ludacris.
A drop of 500USD is reasonable but for 1500-2000?! Specialy with CME coming your prognose seems very unlikely
sksk02a Eonwe
@Eonwe, its not ludacris. btc has corrected its self two times before and both were around 30-40% retracements. a drop in 500$? a 6.9% retracement? now thats ludacris. percentage is a better tool to go by when doing TA. dollar figures when analysing market psychology.
thanks for sharing Vera. I agree with you about the coming BEAR. But he's been very stubborn and unpredictable. I thought that he was going to show on Monday but no ....But we all know that he will come eventually. But what is the size of the BEAR??????
cycler Andrew2601
@Andrew2601, unless bitfinex is shut down and tethers all tethers are destroyed, no lower than $5000.
@cycler, man! all I know is that bitcoin is the fav in Asian markets. Taxi drivers, office workers +++++++ buy them on their breaks or during their off time. it's hugely speculated ...........
cycler Andrew2601
@Andrew2601, its likely to go to $12,000 before the bubble bursts, maybe a little higher, it could actually go alot higher, and alot faster than people predict, but one thing is almost certain, by this time next year, 85% of bitcoins value will be wiped off in a few days, but what will that value be?
@cycler, yes I agree with you that bitcoin keeps on finding new highs, it's trend quite strong at the moment. I think that by mid December this year, we should see a clearer indication of the sustainability of this trend. But at the moment it's just too hot a potato for me, having said that I don't mindtaking advantage of the correction waves along the way. Like Vera said, less is more.
Thanks for your guidance sir..
Thanks for the wonderful analysis! Love it!
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