BTC Bull Hammer!! And 7 has flatlined! ONWARD AND UPWARD BTC!!

Lets keep it real even I this morning when I saw the price of BTC taking hits was skeptical but never did I even think about getting weak hands. BTC has just had a good run up, new comers need to be patient and learn that breakouts will be followed by corrections accordingly. With all of that said lets tap into my Technical analysis of what has been going on today and what I've spotted out on a 4 hour chart.

**KEEP IN MIND** I'm using the BOSS METHOD of analysis, a Patented Technical analysis tool created by Brandon Kelly known as the Boss Of Bitcoin across a lot of social media platforms. The BOSS METHOD uses fractal harmonics and 3 moving averages (7,77,and 231) to accurately predict the price and action on a lot of charts and I must say after sharpening and honing my skills on it, its looking to be very ground breaking in terms of putting very powerful prediction tools into the hands of just about any one.


We have just seen BTC crush it over the last few days, accordingly again you will see a correction and a break down to flat line movement coming shortly. We can see this by observing the moving averages poised specifically the 7 in this instance. The 7 did curve downward pretty hard earlier but it seems to have flattened out and is looking to consolidate. The typical action in these charts is as follows.

Rinse, wash, repeat...

People this morning were all raving and ranting "the bears are back" "we are going to 5k" and just so much FUD and nonsense. Sad thing is that many new comers did sell at that point out of fear and fell into a trap because shortly after BTC stabilized.
To add insult to injury to the Bears they were hit over the head with the infamous trend pattern called a BULL HAMMER. Right after the bull hammer indicated on the chart see how the green candle formed. Now we are in a flat line period before the next run up and to me is a pretty decent spot to buy if you didn't get in lower. Remember the famous quote, "be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful", I don't like Buffet but the quote stands through time and time again.

For the other 2 moving averages we have still yet to see the 231 really move but its begininng to flatten out that tells me in and around 60 days it will go up. Not to mention the 77 is already curved upwards and will continue the trajectory. One thing I have witnessed about alot of these charts using the BOSS METHOD is that when these moving average lines come close together they are generating alot of energy. Tomorrow into the next week will be the next break out and boy will it break out.

PS> I love that Bull Hammer it was a sight for sore eyes and those bulls are out there! Stay strong!
Wholeness balanced Vibrations and as always....
评论: As I said that Bull Hammer stomped down on the bears hard... continuing to flat line before next break out. Probably tomorrow or into the week. Going for 12k at the close of the week.
评论: Closed 2 candles on green.
评论: As predicted BTC flatlined a little bit and continued its uptrend. Had a bit of a sell off but nothing really that strong. We are now looking to continue to wait for the next time. Will be uploading another chart.
Well spotted Bull Hammer.
mjtrustme ttt4567
@ttt4567, Thank you! Stay strong in the market my friend ;)
ttt4567 mjtrustme
@mjtrustme, Will sure do! You too! Maybe have a look at my possible inverse H&S pattern on my profile? Would love an opinion on that.
mjtrustme ttt4567
@ttt4567, Most certainly.
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