1Hr BTC- Oppurtunity abbounds

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Yesterday BTC -2.14% broke an important apex bearishly and headed down to finish a 5th wave. Now it has finished a 2nd larger wave and is sitting on a fib line with dimishing volume , and as such should break down. My next spot of focus is the 7k mark as the .61 lands there as well as conclusion of a 3rd wave and channel support intersect nicely. From there I can see it head into a wave 4 which would put it into a critical symetrical triangle which will tell if the bears or bulls run the show if it retraces past 7k:

If the bulls run, then I see a 10k +/- range forecast
If the Bears stay, then I see a 5k range.

Either way some nice plays coming up
Shout out to Philakone and Scotti(cryptogasm) on their perspectives.

Just my perspective. See how it turns out. Feel free to critique as always
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