Cryotomarketmovements faster then expected!

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last plafond at 8900-9000 was very quick over.
not expected that fast.
drop to 8300 got fast too so I think the last high top for coming weeks at 8500 will be reached at 9 in the morning.
After that straight down and lower to 6600-6800.
Things are going as should but the little variations take me by surprise still (have to learn/study a lot more)
which means: higher tops or lower downs, faster in time etc.
We mist the 9000, so are selling all tonight at around 8400.
评论: Always be carefull: if it doesn't drop but goes up well....then we have to buy it back quick: so we put an alert for that!
评论: 00.00 hr. just sold almost all coins for usd! because of 8500 already for a moment.
评论: Tricked for the second time: reached 8500 sooner and then started to drop already.
As far as I can telll now, it has reached its lowest point yet! (7800). So now I think were not going lower to 6800 anymore. Today, after going a while sideways, it will return one more time to 7800 and then starts theway up.
Two scenarios will be possible.
First I wait if second lowest point will be reached this day. Then new comment
评论: were not in time to buy back. We will wait for the second lowest point.
评论: there is a small possibility that I overlooked something and that the drop to 6800 still has to come (but much hours later!) Can't tell right now.
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