Fresh recruits about to unleash hell on the BTC bears

749 20
3 more freshly deployed white soldiers about to unleash hell on the BTC bears
评论: candle # 3 is still forming and has to complete for the action to follow through.
评论: 11 minutes left on the clock for that candle ,
评论: Thats only candle # 4 , and it can count till a 9 so BTC has a good shot at the 93xx resistance
评论: BTC should cut through 9300 like a hot knife through butter . Those are some big candles
评论: Note: the 2 hour candle will hit a 9 in 30 minutes , so there may or not be a 1 to 4 candle pull back at this time ( thats up to 8 hours of pull back time if does pull back).
The candles dont always pull back on a 9 but for planning purposes its useful to know it may occur.
评论: 2 hour candle just hit its 9
评论: Possible reversal back down to 8939
评论: Those three soldiers are planning something ..

评论: Looking closely at this retrace it has an alternate path which n which drops it to 6k. The problem with a 6k drop Is BTC is not a fan of double bottoms so it could slip further to 5k .
We can tell if it is a 6k drop as BTC will move past 86k. BTC It has no business at 86xx today on its current path , so if 86xx appears it may signal a bigger drop coming
that said i think ill wait on the sideline
评论: why im on the sideline now :

a) futures close today and its been very quiet so far
b) Chinese new year tomorrow
c) BTC has two alternate paths after dropping to around 89xx . one path to 6k the other to 10k .
评论: Everyday BTC gives us a new puzzle to solve - add you feedback guys . The More brain cells working in unison the quicker we can figure this out.
评论: now im very confused can This upward move past 9300 be possible ?

a) theres very high resistance at 9300
b) theres a double top.
c) 45, 90 , 1 and 2 hour candles are on a 9 .
d) theres been no retrace to 8900
评论: This downward movement makes a bit more sense -
评论: The absolute minimum drop has to be 90xx
评论: that's the minimum not the maximum .
交易手动结束: Guys my apologies I I could have been wrong about BTC dipping and am going to close this out. I need to understand if im wrong how I misread it .
You might not be wrong, I think at the 4hour candle close we will dip, volumes just not there. We might break 9500 then crash at 9550 or something along those lines.
Dear Myco, answer to your problem: bulls will commit to a suicide misson... it depends upon bears to crush them or not
mycotoxin asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, Haha its cool to watch these movements.
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, I call these moves "BTC is working backwards" as they look backwards to me.
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, i wont even try to graph this upward movement as it doesn't make any sense to me .
making double top
dont worry
@javadth, that double top is a drop to 6k
javadth mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, hope so

i think we will see 4.4
these sell orders already filled now
Ive seen big selling orders at some specific prices on bittrex like 54btc sell order at 9176 & 87 btc sell order at 9300 looks like some whales know about coming drop
I saw these types of big orders when btc reached 7k 6k
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