Watchlist Update 33 | BTC | Called this one a moment too late.

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hey everyone, another daily short update on BTC . The market has been slowly downtrending with random pops in either direction of several hundred dollars/ USDT. Binance can't seem to handle even these spurts of activity that well, as the whole server freezes up. I can't imagine they'll fare well when the big money starts to return. Watch the video and see how the T.A. played out!

Roti out.

This is for educational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.
评论: My gosh, this was the daily one that got away. I scalped a little and jumped out again, but should have waited to see that bull break. Binance, please upgrade your servers. It's far too laggy.

I'm looking for a 50% retrace to re-enter, especially if I get confluence around there with fractals.

G20 crypto talk got cancelled, here's your explanation.
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RotiWokeman Emperator
@Emperator, Aha! cancelled, damn. That's too bad. Thanks for that.
Emperator RotiWokeman
@RotiWokeman, Ya I got misled by a comment on discord.Still linked to the G20 tho.
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RotiWokeman Emperator
@Emperator, Ah understood, thanks for sharing!
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