Bitcoin Double Bottom

Price bounced from 2440.00 level and we can see a double bottom chart pattern. It's a reversal signal. Aslo the price reversal is confirmed by a bullish divergence formed by price and RSI . The market gives us a signal that probably it will rise in short term. If price can breaks the signal level above 2620.00 we'll get a confirmation for further upward movement. Stop orders must be placed below 2400.00 support level . Profit targets are at 2800.00 and 2900.00 resistance levels. Be careful with any trades in any crypto exchanges within these days. Segwit is coming.
评论: The market dropped to 2400.00 support level. It's a reversal zone. For confirmation of an upward movement price will have to break the signal level.
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i called this the Crypto Cold War. Everyone is watching very carefully to see which way this goes just to jump on for the ride. Theres going to be BIg Losers and BIg Winners next week. It will be a bloodbath! i hope im on the winning side LOL