Indicator by which I determine trend strenght

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Hello guys!

Today I will tell you about ADX indicator. This instrument allows determining trend strength without any additional analysis of the graph.
The indicator has ADX line. It is a scale of 0 to 100 that illustrates the dynamic of trend strength.

Remember: ADX points only to trend strength but no to its direction.

My tips on using it:
1) A value between 0 and 30 tells us that price moves sideways and there is no trend.
2) A value higher than 30 points to the beginning of a trend.
3) A value higher than 50 could mean readiness to trend exhaustion.
4) If values of the indicator are falling and the trend continues, that could mean the near change of direction of price movement.

The 4th tip is amply demonstrated on the BTC 8.84% graph.
Current ADX value point to the weak movement of bitcoin price.
This indicator also has additional lines +DI and -DI but I don't use them for analysis.
Try to make your analysis as various as possible. Use different tools to get reliable information from graphs.
And that's all for today!

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Thank you
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