BTC/USD - End of wave 4 and up to $11250 or Correction NOW?!

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
Hello Trading Maniacs

If you didn't know Bitcoin is approaching 'The' upper resistance, you must have been on holidays or just slept for days in a row.

I would like to point that indermediate wave (minor2) could fall pretty hard, like mentioned in my previous idea. (you can click the links below)

But no panic for those who 'think' the hot and sexy MOAC (Mother Of All Coins) will fall to such low levels as 4 or 3 or 2k or other uhum low levels like there was no tomorrow. It will retrace to the levels provided on the chart. Never say never, because you never know.. But same thing, we could all got hit by lightning, just saying. (over years, this will be likely when OVERALL bearish sentiment comes over the market.) Not now, its just getting started. You can trade gold , bonds, indices and currencies for decades, of course, there will be a crash!

The Alligator is sleeping as you can see, so breakouts to the up and downside are possible now. When price breaks heavy through the smoothed MA's, the alligator awakes and starts eating sell or buy orders. I'm guessing it would be sell orders, so price goes up. Look at your oscillator to see if bullish or bearish sentiment arise.

All levels provided on the chart - Trade with trailing stop losses to maximize gains and profits.

Happy Trading!

Bitcoin To Ash or To Heaven - Can you do something about it? No? Then why worry
Are you a smart trader, with a solid strategy? One who places stop loss and trailing stop loss? Yes? Then why worry

I could be wrong, but... Yeah, I dont think so. Even though, The author, el Magico Tomasso, also known as the Magician, forever remembered in the whole world under alias WhatsThatCrypTom, shorter CrypTom, initials C T is not responsible for any trading losses you may endure. Its your F. money. All very interesting information and chart analyses from C T are for entertainment purposes only.
When you don't know, just follow natures instinct!
MOAC (mother of all coins) VS Mother nature -
Dramatic Reversal, BTC will (now HIGHLY likely) Fall. Look at 4 hour chart. A 2 candle doji is a strong reversal candlestick pattern. Charts just are nature, price fluctuations are the reaction of natures rules, its, us. (Not only BTC, most likely alt will follow)
评论: Idea for BTC based on new developments soon! She crossed the death zone and now bullish sentiment could rise even more. $12700 on coinbase more than likely.
This pullback can not come soon enough. I took profits at $9,900 and $10,850. Have not FOMO bought back in but have pain stakingly watched every green candle from there. I saw a lot of BTC was bought last night on GDAX however everything on the charts to me is screaming overbought. I would love it to even just drop to $9,600 so I can re-enter. Just worried these whales are going to push it over 11,300 just to have me buy in and them dump it :/
WhatsThatCrypTom ChristiaanvanderMerwe
@ChristiaanvanderMerwe, nothing wrong with taking profits right?! Good job because there was huge bearish and reversal signals, but thats over now :) Rise to 12700 more then likely based on fib and elliot. Thank you for taking time to react on this idea!
All comments are more than welcome! I would love to hear from you!
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