BTC ready to make a bounce after BCC/BCH rally? *Updated Chart*

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Here I have set out some different scenarios for BTC             during this BCC/BCH war. Take it for what you want, but this is what I *think* can happen. We all know there is a battle/coup d'etat going on between the two...with all the trading madness going on with current volumes being traded, we need to see where the dust is going to settle for each coin. This could get serious...but don't panic, below you will see what my thoughts are for each line...

BTC             is Safe: The Green line is where I feel is a good bounce line for where support should be. This would mean that BCC/BCH is nearing the rally peak, and it ready to make a correction, but I don't think it'll get back down to the $600 mark again. This coin has it's purpose as the performance side of BTC             . It can be useful, but it won't be "king". Once/if this happens, We will need to get confirmation on BTC's side for the crucial 7000 mark again (blue line). We will have to see what happens to BCC/BCH if/when it peaks soon. As of now, it is either double topping, or is trying to break through once again. I think it's around a 65% chance of BTC             bouncing here

BTC             healthy Correction: This mark will be represented by the yellow line, being location at another crucial point in the 5700 range. Now this is still NOT the death of BTC             . I honestly still think even if BTC             *does* make a healthy correction to this mark, it's not in immediate danger. BTC             will always be king for once reason, most of the crypto market relies on BTC             for survivor. BTC             is basically the gold             reserve/bank for the crypto market. I think this is it's true purpose for the crypto world, nothing more. If it truly is going to make a run up to 10k before the end of the year, it may be possible to get this low again before bouncing. It's not likely to get this far down, but don't panic if it does. Now we're in the chance range of 75-80% for a bounce here.

BTC-BCC/BCH swappening???: This line is represented by the slotted red line at the 5200 range. Now we are at a VERY CRUCIAL point for the BTC             bounce. If we get down to this point, I feel it's the ABSOLUTE bottom for BTC     &n