Bitshares - This coin will wo wild in 2018! [Buy Opportunity]

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
I strongly recommend to buy Bisthares.

It is a young pretty solid project with enormous potential and it is offering a whole stack of financial services for the blockchain world.

In my analysis it has a big grow potential too, referred my chart structure, indicators and previous highs and with this, very good looking fibonacci levels.

Targets are:

1 | 0.00004316
2 | 0.00006857
3 | 0.00008911
4 | 0.00010965
5 | 0.00013889
6 | 0.00017614 | old all time high
7 | 0.00028371 | new all time high <— Fib. 1.618 extension

Also it is a recommended portfolio pick by the early January palm beach confidential report.
When BTC & market correction is over we will see gains, expect truely massive!
... and watch the targets ;)

Relax your life and get what you deserve.
评论: we're close to target 1!
交易开始: Target 1 reached on 27.01.2017 this analysis is performing well!

Market correction will be over soon.
Market cap will rise, btc will rise, alts will accumulate.

Good price to get in!

Looks like a falling wedge!
Bullish sign ;)

Btw we are in buy area!
today's plus: 13,5% atm
Not a coin of the month.
It‘s a portfolio pick.
Cotm is cnd, we all now.
ch.schulze90 ch.schulze90
So he is right :)
Nice. Just curious where did you hear that palm beach was pumping bitshares??
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