POLONIEX:BTSUSD   BitShares / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Hi guys,

so update on my main scenario
(lets restart freshy and name it : A)

Scenario A
  • Target : 0.09-0.11
  • Pattern : ABCDE correction. MACD 1D low fluctuation in the negative spectrum. Lack of volume . Conversion line going under base line (see weekly chart (#2)).
  • Factors of validation/invalidation : Staying in the bearish log spectrum. Invalidation if MACD 1D cross centerline from bottom
  • Opinion : Medium to high probability
  • Comments : I love Bitshares and this is painful to watch.
    1) original post

  • Ladder in (risk management) : 30% at 0.11 - 30% at 0.1 - 30% at 0.09
  • 10% in fiat (to buy oversold price)
交易开始: hope you filled some ladders :)
thanks for the update sir . i needed such confirmation ..
SimonMercier almiftahdz
@almiftahdz, my goal is to help and not harm. always aprreciate feedback. Trying to sty objective all time is the biggest difficulty. Will give update of my interpretation if i see some change
I sold all my BTS before last correction occurred, yes, it was really difficult decision for me :(
I did it because it looks like Poloniex legal team is looking into BTS and have some issues with it. It is due to type of tokens that are on the platform. I guess new SEC rules are not benefiting BTS.
Currently there is lot of traffic coming from Poloniex exchange (15-30%) and that is huge risk in case they drop BTS (remember BitTrex story ?).
I know they have big plans with BTS 3.0 and all that, but it looks like it has little effect on price and investor interest at the moment. Instead I invested into Steem, OMG and DGB.
Hopefully, we will see BTS shine again one day... but it could some time.
@MaxL82, u better buy back at the bottom ... bts gonna be listed on lykkie . news follows prices body . when bts and eos goes up .we gonna hear good news evert day ...
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MaxL82 almiftahdz
@almiftahdz, not if Poloniex dumps it...
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whiskey4 MaxL82
@MaxL82, Do you have the article where it says polo is investigating it's removal?
MaxL82 whiskey4
@whiskey4, Check Beyond Bitcoins guys on YouTube. It was discussed a week ago on their BitShares episode.
@MaxL82, listed on bts asset exch 21$ volume, aex 19% vol, zb 13.7%,BINANCE 10%

MaxL82 Bullion_Money
@Bullion_Money, just checked the stats .. Poloniex 8% ... few days ago reached 40% in a single day...
@MaxL82, were do u get your stats (maybe more updated)? Mine from coinmarketcap (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitshares/#markets).
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