CADCHF Forming new structure

FX:CADCHF   Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc
2079 10
Hi fellows. This pair has broken previous pattern and structure and now forming new patterns. we have a very strong impulse on left side which means price may fall to bottom again and longer term trend is bearish . I am looking for sell near upper trend line . Look for sell setup on nice price action near trend line . My longer term view is bearish on this pair. Of course we gonna get couple of short trade in this big move to the downside. Good Luck fellows.
Jan 12
评论: Price hitting the top watch for sell and use reasonable stop loss..............
Jan 13
评论: Price getting rejection from top................
Jan 16
Jan 16
评论: If price hit the top sell using reasonable stop loss...............
Jan 22
评论: Hi fellows, impulse is forming over there i am expecting trend continuation pattern if price start to form any trend continuation pattern then i will look for sell again and in case price rise back to the top again then i will look for sell again at the top here is the update fellows.....
Feb 03
评论: watch top for short.....
Feb 09
评论: sell at top.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 23
评论: Here we got the perfect and amzazing flag fellows sell the breakout in case breakout do not come then i will look for sell from top............. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome. Another sell setup.
Wave-Trader senejani.ali
@senejani.ali, Thanks to all fellows..................!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out EURCAD it is inverse of this pair, buy there. Thanks.
Thank you very much for the great ideas..
Thanks for the thumbs up a definite sell opportunity. Nice structure. I would have missed this as I cant keep up with 30 pairs :) I have already started shorting in 20 pip increments with a 1.1 multiplier. Looks like a nice medium term sell. Good luck
@mshuaibi, cheers mate and good luck....
Hi Wave-trader,

New pattern was formed and why you are still looking for sell? Any clues here for me? Thanks in advance.
In my view, this pair has high possibility of breaking up and it will be very bullish run.
Wave-Trader PowerOfCapital
@PowerOfCapital, what are the reasons which are saying to you that this pair will be very bullish run mate?
PowerOfCapital Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, 1. New bullish pattern. . Monthly chart trend line was broken. 3. Looks like buying power below strong.
Wave-Trader PowerOfCapital
@PowerOfCapital, what pattern you can see over there any name of that pattern mate. which monthly chart trend line broken descending flat or what else. i think you are relying only on pin bars ya?
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