Heatbeat or PVH.. it is Extremely Close to Perfect in Shape...

I'm long on this coin and will set up sale orders on each of the radius fibs and psychological approx.

The symmetry of this Cat Bite is very very interesting.. It is technically a Lightning Bolt (HLBLX) BUT.. just with your eyes mum gave you you can see perfect symmetry if you want. And those are the bites that murder one way or another..

Is it Polar Volume or Regular volume , thats the 64000 dollar question..

Technically it is bullish lightning bolt but it is vague.. if it is a symmetrical old fashioned Heartbeat (which is extremely possible it is deadly to this coin.. It will probably be delisted if that is the case.. stop loss is set at the bottom line..
评论: Never long a Heartbeat !!!!!
评论: unless it is clearly Polar Volume which galloping past on a horse this is but the 2x volume rule has been met making it Heartbeat but it still technically is bullish lightning bolt.. lol, let's find out just for fun!!
I have built an army of cyborg ninjas that give to charity !

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By Heartbeat do you mean that it matches past spike, but does not exceed it? That this is a bad sign?
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Benjamix PRO tylergriffsmith
The H = Heartbeat is a specific form that the price candles makes. there is in axis - in this case 0.0001179

So reading left to right the prices go up then they cross down through the axis before returning and completing the sinusoidal wave form at the axis.

Heartbeats are broken into several categories based on the fluctuation of their volume, position of crossover, asymmetric or symmetric max and min.. all measured carefully and currently documented with nonsensical story lines so that we memory peg and learn to "read" the charts a wavelength at a time.

There are also obviously inverse heartbeats or "MM" Mighty mouse which dip from the axis and rise to cross through the axis to max price and dip..

This was as said "technically is bullish lightning bolt" because it is a fat heartbeat with technical Polar Volume (Max Volume > 2xMin Volume)

check my latest chart as you might appreciate the measurements I am talking about.

Thanks for your interest @tylergriffsmith and best of luck taming the beast today !!
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