POLONIEX:DGBUSD   DigiByte / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Zooming out to the weekly, This paints a nice picture of where DGB stands. The long lines are strong support/resistance . The red aarow points to a green candle, which to me looks like a neutral doji . It may be sideways trading for a while, but patience wins this race. target is 35 cents first, probably a correction, and 1$ is likely EOY if this keeps up. We are testing the support here soon, so I'm cautious if things go sour. Lots of eyes will be on bitcoin this year, as many new buyers will probably be entering the space. If DGB lives up to its marketing promise then it will hopefully gain more traction than it is currently receiving.
Finally, just a look at the MACD . Most people usually look for crosses, but I like to look at the bars also to see potential changes in momentum, and it looks like those are going to start turning upwards soon. For a weekly chart that could be a VERY good thing. I just filled up my bags a little more this morning.
I have recently gained a heightened interest in DGB since I purchased some in an exchange on Coinomi, and the Tx was very rapid. That's not to say I turned over all my LTC bags, because LTC is king, but I'm keeping an eye on this one for sure.

Ok PS. this is probably a chart akin to another one I found on here. I'm not trying to copy, just add to recent things on the chart, and practice charting because I'm learning this all so, if I did "copy" your chart, just know that imitation is a sincere form of flattery XD
评论: This is looking great so far! It's really testing the support right now, and may drop out of the rising wedge a little more but it looks to have good support underneath, so I don't expect a huge drop if it does. I could be wrong though, so we always need to be prepared, but this could be a spicy move by DGB to around .35
评论: With DGB being listed as one of the first 20 cryptos on Abra, we can probably expect buying to increase as marketing and recognition grow. I still expect things to play out nicely for DBG in the long run.
评论: Adding to the above, since it is so cheap on a soon-to-be global crypto wallet app thing, it may have significant buying impact for new buyers wanting to buy cheaper coins versus more "espensive" ones like BTC (Although that thinking is flawed).
It appears we have broken below the rising support line I drew, but it's pulling back up towards it. We had a lot of FUD selling likely to high selling pressure from G20. I don't expect this dip to last much longer, based on my own speculation. Momentum may be picking up on weekly RSI, we just printed a dark red bar (shorter than previous histogram bar) so keep watching out for increasing momentum, because it's a bigger deal when on the weekly.
Always be cautious of the sellers. This isn't quite over yet, and there's always a chance things can go far below current prices. If that happens though, I'll be snatching me up a lot more DGB.
Great time to accumulate!
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jbutler7 XenoBiologist
@XenoBiologist, Oh yes!
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