MARKET INSIGHT on SpotFX & Equity Indices

DJ:DJI   道琼斯工业平均指数
In the recent development corporate America's tone is now changing towards the brighter side. With that said, analyst are looking into the corporate taxes on Wall street which was a concern then. Analyst are connecting the dots where equities would best be seen with the SP500 & DOW's recent rally can be attributed to. With US Statutory tax ( ST ) at current levels of 39%,while corporate taxes average at 28%; studies shows if ST can be lowered to or near the average then equities would certainly be higher with profits going in the same direction. Thus better benefits directly for most American workers moving forward.

"The Dow Jones industrial average ( DJIA ) at 18,804.42 remained up 5.1 percent for the week closing at 18847.66. While the SP500 posted 36 new 52-week highs and 6 new lows; the Nasdaq Composite recorded 314 new highs & 33 new lows. Nasdaq Composite added 0.22 percent to 5,220.37 resource based on Thomson - Reuters Data."

That is why our price page indicator tracking the Highs & Lows of the currency market including the major indices is part of the trading process that MegaTrade101 describes in its CIPHER3 Beyond Charting & Price Action Analysis. (Key Reference) Note, that there are instances that new highs & lows are made in the same month especially when an increase in price swing volatility moves in both directions.

The Chart above is a Comparison between the DOW, SP500 , DXY , NASD, NIK225 CORRELATION. And the summary performance for the week including the Highs & Lows of the listed instruments.

FX & Equity Summary: TRADING RANGE / OHLC / VIEW / NEAR TERM TREND for the week ending Nov 11, 2016. Based on MegaTrade101 Price Page Indicator 


DXY               3.23 TR    97.45    99.13    95.89    99.00    US ELEC     UP    UP 
GBPUSD        323 TR    1.2450   1.2673   1.2350   1.2595   UKCRT    PREC   PREC
EURUSD        470 TR    1.1057   1.1300   1.0830   1.0853   N LOW    DWN    DWN
USDJPY        5.76 TR    104.10   106.96   101.20   106.60   N HIGH   USD    UP
USDCHF        346 TR    0.9773   0.9896   0.9550   0.9870   USD      PREC   PREC 
AUDUSD        253 TR    0.7677   0.7778   0.7525   0.7540   CORR     CSLD   MCORR
EURGBP        458 TR    0.8877   0.9024   0.8566   0.8610   N LOW    DWN    DWN
XAUUSD      118.33TR   1305.10  1337.20  1218.87  1226.20  N LOW    PR      MCORR 
DOWI            879 TR    17994.65 18873.66 17994.60 18847.66 N HIGH    UP     UP
SP500         81.71 TR    2100.60  2182.30  2100.59  2164.50 N HIGH    UP     UP
NI225          1510 TR    17126    17621    16111    17374    N HIGH    UP     UP
Legend: US Election, UK CRT - UK Court, PREC - Price Recovery, PR - Price Reversal, CSLD - Consolidation, N High - New High, N Low - New Low, MCORR - Major Correction, INST - Instrument
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