DJIA overtextended zone reached

DJ:DJI   道琼斯工业平均指数
240 5
评论: people still buying higher and higher price loolll , the day it will fall i will not be inside :-)
评论: look like people has to retain any lessons from the past -
评论: adding Crypto- bBbble /versus Bubble
评论: 24000 and that seem normal to everyone
completely agree..
Gold measured against both the dot com bubble and now bitcoin will give you a very clear picture. over 90% of the investors will loose money in correction based on current volume readings imo
The stock market can honestly only continue to go up if more central banks ad more debt and print more money, more deficit ---> hyper inflation 99.9999999% devalued currency eventually.
Here again, measure gold against the stock market: DJI, IDX, NDX, SPX etc... Crazy divergence from 2015 till now, close to absolute bottom of b4 2000's
that's how great gold really is atm. b4 2000 gold had gone form 2k -> 300usd or something and the ratio is only slightly lower than now... The banksters truly screwed this one up, not by accident.
I believe cryptos could be a good investment after a healthy might correction if healthy trading signs are established but atm nobody is selling to the point if one can wonder how much emotionally driven bubble markets really are. ;)
Then there is the question of paper gold paper silver etc also messing things up alot...
Bitcoin currently costs around 1350usd btw to mine compared to golds 1100+usd so already that should give you tons of red signs.
the correction volatility has been nothing so far in bitcoin... Wait until some of the early investors sell. If satoshi guy would sell his 7.2billion usd worth of btc the market would prob come down like a demolition lol... It works like this: Hold, hold, hold coins ---> never sell --> attract more people who hold and never sell --> prices goes up. The question is what will happen when chaos breaks loose and people want to get their fiat.
we're in for one heck of a ride.

Blue, what are you currently planing on doing interms of investment for the coming 3-5ys?
Agency BLUE43
@BLUE43, "new normal" :P
Looks like btc
Looks like breaking through strong bullish candles.. Good Chances of Testing 200% level
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