Great Cycle: Repetition of history in men, nations and markets

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90 years: The Great Cycle.

In our financial markets we see now that retraces get more shallow and nothing seem to correct. Day after day stocks making higher highs.
All sorts of reasons are mentioned. Nothing seem to stop the markets. What is the reason behind this? Answer is the working of the Great Cycle.

The Great Cycle spans over approximately 90 years; from top to top.

The 1929 was the last top in the 90 year cycle and 2019 will be the next one. Stock markets corrected approx 90 % in the following years after the high.

Stocks at this time will be so widespread by the public and everyone will be long in stocks and the sky is the limit. Until it starts correcting.
DJIA will probably top out around in 30 000 range by this time.
there are moments that you regret and feel bad to agree an idea yet you agree.

i am in that moment now.

two books / road to ruin by James Rickards (although he says the collapse will happen in 2018 Q4)

and generations by William Strauss... (90 years per cycle , published in 1991, he somehow, proved himself right within these 25 Years...) and his predictions are 2017-2022 will be chaotic.

i do not want to witness this, but if it is inevitable let's position accordingly

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