time to chart some epic bananas

TVC:DXY   美元指数
So for DXY I've been watching this pattern I spotted long before brexit. I can't rationalize why the dollar would fall in the coming years in such an epic fashion but on a technical cycle shown in my chart it certainly works... especially if you look at what I can chart in oil , gold and SPX which suggest the timing of a major market correction around jan/ feb 2016. Feel free to laugh !! ;)
There is nothing to laugh at. I'm just curious to see how it unfolds to validate you approach. I have an opposite view on DXY expecting it to hit the beginning of the last previous decade high by the end of this decade but that doesn't mean that my view is more correct than yours. At the end of the day both of us could be wrong, which is probably the far likely scenario : )

DOH! obviously that should read jan feb 2017!
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