Basket trade portfolio Aug W-IV

TVC:DXY   美元指数
823 11
this is my portfolio for basket trade 28 pair
Note :
#This portfolio base on fundamental data only (no technical)
#Open position at monday market open, and close before close market friday
#I use no stoploss and no takeprofit
#I use 0.06 lot size from equity $300 (0.02/$100)
#leverage 1:200
#Swap free account

wish me luck ^^

Bullish pair :
USDJPY buy at 109.23
CADJPY buy at 86.84
CHFJPY buy at 113.19
AUDJPY buy at 86.61
AUDNZD buy at 1.0854
USDCHF buy at 0.9651
USDCAD buy at 1.2589
AUDUSD but at 0.7934
CADCHF buy at 0.7671
AUDCAD buy at 0.9985
AUDCHF buy at 0.7657

Bearish pair :
EURUSD sell at 1.1758
EURCAD sell at 1.4797
EURCHF sell at 1.1347
EURAUD sell at 1.4834
GBPUSD sell at 1.2879
NZDUSD sell at 0.7315
GBPCAD sell at 1.6212
GBPCHF sell at 1.2429
GBPAUD sell at 1.6245
NZDCAD sell at 0.9209
NZDCHF sell at 0.7061

EURGBP sell at 0.9131
EURJPY sell at 128.39
EURNZD sell at 1.6076
GBPJPY sell at 140.62
GBPNZD sell at 1.7612
NZDJPY sell at 79.90

Last result portfolio : +187pips

Disclaimer :
This analysis not include personal feeling/opinion, and pure base on technical analysis
Trading foreign currencies can be a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for investors. However, before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.
All a bit of fun with low level stakes.....keeps things interesting :)
@DianKemala Hi Dian.....what are your thoughts for basket trade next week as Eur just smashed it this week? Thx
going well ?
Thank you!!
I am not sure why you were bearish on YEN pairs. Your results would have been ten times better. Better luck next time.!!!!!!!!!
+1 回复
Thank you my sister ;-) please continue post your portofolio every week (even if just fundamentals no problem, because yu also post other trades with analyse) and good luck with the other trades , some weeks better than others no problem :-) thanks for your work.. keep going like this sister we learning and we are with you ;-) regards from Brussel
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Interesting strategy - thanks.
How do you calculate the Bullish/ bearish pairs please?
+1 回复
DianKemala GusHenderson
@GusHenderson, news summary,.. calculate each news result and make score sheet base on that to find next week trend
*sit and waiting :)
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last week JPY mess up with fundamental,. After GDP rise 4%, and beat estimated, JPY but down. Same as EUR,.. GDP up but EUR down. I hit so much stoploss on JPY and EUR,.. darn,. last week is worst week ever
Hope this week fundamental have same direction with trend.
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