GODD XAUUSD How Gold Traders stay ahead with aid of DXY chart

TVC:DXY   美元指数
Gold: XAUUSD 1.25% How DXY -0.25% is the gold 1.24% trader's best friend right now
So far gold 1.24% has behaved in the bear-mangling mode expected of it since the dollar broke
down below key support on DXY -0.25% at 94.26 (right hand chart) but it wasn't too smart to let
it go again at 1290. That rally on Friday was vicious for bears - the shape of price action
as gold 1.24% turned resistance at 1281 into support shows the market adjusting before gold 1.24%
powers 16 points north, a volte-face - which you would have been expecting if you've
been experienced enough, wise enough to run the two charts in tandem.
If you don't you're dealing with a blindfold over one eye...
The pin bars on the one hour chart here show strong rejection
at 1296.78 down to current levels at 1293 and a streak of
uncontested green...very rare for a space like that to remain
uncontested and it should flip back to 1288, and potentially to
1284 before it rallies again. On the other side of the street,
we can see that DXY -0.25% is flipping in a range beween 93.99 (the
high for the week was exactly 93.99 as forecast, giving a
precise point at which to sell gold 1.24% - with stops only triggered
in event that DXY -0.25% breaks above 94 and holds, in which case
DXY -0.25% is going up and Gold 1.24% is going back down. Just the best
duo/tandem trade there is in almost any market anywhere.
Use it or lose it. Probably the best companion
a gold 1.24% trader can ever have.
DXY: Dollar index 0.11%
Through all the noise of currency pairs and most commodity markets there
is a still, small, much neglected voice that can tell usually show you the
bigger picture/helicopter view of all that close combat fighting going
on below. Not always, but usually. DXY -0.25% , so far since the breakdown at
94.26, has been very helpful. It's flipping between 94 key resistance and
93.50 key near term support and this is what's causing such grief and
whipsaw in the price of gold 1.24% . Right now it's giving mixed near term signals...
believe it will break lower still eventually, but the chart is not confirming that's just double bottomed at 93.50...was Ok to bounce here for sure but
that was quite a big bounce - pins at top and botttom of move...just near
term a little confusing, at least to this writer anyway. But gold 1.24% is toppy -0.73% near
term and DXY -0.25% is showing a double bottom near term. If it can rally from here then it should push
back up to the 93.99 where it should meet profit takers. (Do same with gold 1.24% shorts
at that point). And only if DXY -0.25% can then manage to break above 94 and hold is
the tide turning back in favour of Dollar, at which point we look to short gold 1.24% again.
And on the other side, if at any point DXY -0.25% breaks 93.50 it enters a zone of uncertainty/whipsaw
between 93.50 and 93.35 where positions can sudddenly reverse - like quicksand
on a map this zone cannot be trusted - a zone to avoid if possible. However, if
at any point DXY -0.25% is driven below 93.5 for more than 2 hours it will become llikely that
support is eroding and it should start to fall away quite hard to 92.80-92.62 - and
thereby triggering aggressive gold 1.24% longs.
评论: Major typo/missing word from top paragraph: precise point at which to sell gold LONGS with stops only triggered in event that DXY
LONGS missing from line 16, above.
Critical omission. Apologies
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