Time to short?

Back to 41.60 or cross historical levels? hard to tell... maybe start to short in levels
Let's see how this develops
评论: For the PM's.......

You know I can not give financial advice, the decision is only yours.

My Chart seems clear to me and at the moment nothing has changed. The information I have until now is only 42 NOT 31.
You have to be very careful with some rise similar to that of 2011, a sudden rise in price could dramatically tighten the shorts. (2011/06/30)

The date the purple arrow arrives is March 27. And according to the BVB on March 30 is the annual report.

How are the expectations? How are the numbers? What is the general feeling? all that counts. (28 Feb Preliminary results)

Touching the blue rectangle within those dates will be a positive sign of the course and date.

We have to wait.
Yes is ok When i told 32 i mean 32 euro because in Switzerland the price is in euro..... in România ebs share price is in RON .... and ebkof the price is in USD .... thank u sooooo much i am Short until 42 USD. Good day
Take a Look please again in ebs?
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