OKX:EDENUSDT   Eden/Tether

UST $547,266
ALCX $470,806
*ERN $320,591
OVR $311,386
MASK $224,743
*LUNA $218,987
DERC $218,000
*RARE $216,191
aUSDC_v2 $198,646
LON $194,374


aWETH_v2 -$7,446,606
DFYN -$805,227
aWBTC_v2 -$664,402
LUSD -$658,452
GRT -$434,447
EDEN -$357,056
MIM -$282,206
NFTX -$251,748
DOG -$185,579
BOSON -$163,199


币种 人均买入数量 人均卖出数量 人均净买入数量
ETH 6 10 -4
USDT 1,2000 4000 +8000
*SHIB 1,5720,9086 / +1,5720,9086
MANA 1602 / +1602
USDC 3925 1272 +2653
CHZ 2964 1,0000 -7036
ENJ 348 / +348
BAT 287 / +287
STORJ 120 / +120
STARL 413,5850 / +413,5850


币种 人均持有量(上次扫描) 人均持有量(本次扫描) 人均持仓变化
ETH 3,7015 3,7024 +9.0
*SHIB 72,8523,3091 74,4244,2191 +1,5720,9100.0
OKB 1,9496 1,9496 +0.0
CRO 127,6170 127,6170 +0.0
WBTC 4 4 +0.0
HOT 1787,3119 1787,3119 +0.0
BEST 21,1735 21,1735 +0.0
LINK 6573 6530 -43.0
BTR 66,9886 66,9886 +0.0
USDC 16,2928 16,6645 +3717.0



(1) @Boba Network ($OMG) 与2021-11-02 05:59:51发布了:

We've created a guide to help you with our upcoming Airdrop. It contains all the info pertaining to $BOBA Token Airdrop including how to qualify, prepare, bridge your wallet, and more.

(2) @Boba Network ($OMG) 与2021-11-02 00:17:05发布了:

Happy snapshot + Airdrop month, Bobarians! We’re thrilled to have @HanbitcoKr as the next exchange to support the $BOBA Airdrop Read more at

(3) @Nexus Mutual 与2021-11-02 00:00:00发布了:

Live Snapshot Votes 1) Approve and ratify the Hub Charter to establish the Investment Hub? Snapshot:2) Approve Investment Hub’s Budget Request for 750 NXM for 6-month period? Snapshot


(1) @Mango 与2021-11-02 08:40:48发布了:

@spuro69 @solana New liquidity mining program looking pretty good

(2) @The Kava Platform 与2021-11-02 08:19:23发布了:

AscendEX & KAVA will jointly roll out a limited-time promotional event to celebrate the launch of KAVA/USDX liquidity mining Users who deposit KAVA & USDX for the duration of the event will get a share of 10,000 $USDT worth of bonus $SWP tokens Period: Nov 1 - Nov 8 12 AM UTC

(3) @The Kava Platform 与2021-11-02 08:19:23发布了:

AscendEX has launched a liquidity mining service, which has integrated with Kava Swap. The liquidity mining service currently supports the $KAVA/$USDX liquidity pool.

(4) @Serum 与2021-11-02 03:23:48发布了:

6/ Check out the full blog post here to learn more:

(5) @Serum 与2021-11-02 03:23:47发布了:

2/ Serum’s native token, $SRM, will be allocated to participating AMMs to be distributed alongside each platform’s existing token incentives. The Liquidity Mining Program targets both new and existing projects that share liquidity with Serum for a range of major liquid pairs.


(1) @Crypto.com 与2021-11-01 23:00:03发布了:

Oct Updates: #FFTB Launch​​Matt Damon Partnership @Water 1M followers on Twitter Cronos Testnet SHIB & SHIBOSHIS Campaign New on Earn: ONE, FLOW, AVAX, SOL, LUNA 0 Fee Stablecoin Conversions on Exchange BTC and ETH Monthly Futures

(2) @Algorand 与2021-11-01 22:44:37发布了:

Looking forward to the launch of @exafinance’s peer-to-peer multi-asset exchange on #Algorand! Testnet coming soon

(3) @EXA Finance 与2021-10-30 05:39:39发布了:

We are happy to announce that the EXA Finance Incentivized Testnet is going live on November 15. Get Ready


(1) @Horizen 与2021-11-02 04:38:06发布了:

We are excited to announce the publication of our first ever eBook titled What is Blockchain? An easy-to-understand guide by @robviglione and collaborators that simplifies the basics of blockchain and provides an overview of blockchain! Get details at

(2) @Tezos 与2021-11-02 01:36:12发布了:

The #GRAMMYs (#NFTs) are coming to #Tezos. @OneOfNFT, the #CleanNFT music marketplace, and @RecordingAcad entered into a 3-Year deal to debut digital collectibles and experiences celebrating Grammy winners and nominees.


(1) @Lido 与2021-11-01 23:28:41发布了:

"The biggest reason against holding stETH used to be the opportunity cost of not being able to use it in Defi. This changes with the Maker integration, which allows anyone to stake their ETH and use it as collateral in a top DeFi protocol at the same time." -