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Hi everyone,

Recent movement of Eidoo 116M $ to 133M $ Market cap. is also another indicator that this Ethereum token is on the rise which give us a good opportunity to make a profit.

First target is 0.0005-0.0005050, Ill keep you guys updated if I sense the next target.

"Eidoo is a blockchain-to-human interface simplifying the interaction between the blockchain and its users."
For those who are interested in knowing more about Eidoo please check out their website

This is my first post, I hope it is useful for you.
I am currently trying different methods and haven't settled on a specific format yet so please let me know what you guys think about this analyse on the comment section below.

评论: Currently at .00036 - .00037 support zone, if this is broken next support zone will be in .00030 - .00031 zone
评论: RSI shows over sold ( market cap is at $112M) which means we will see a small correction.
评论: good news : "LEND airdrop will officially start on January 19th at 12 GMT. Tokens will be distributed accordingly between the Eidoo wallet users."
评论: Support zone is established at .00036 - .00037. chart is showing some bullish signals.
评论: lovely rise, there is our big break.
评论: now you can take some of your profit out around 0.00045-0.00046 and wait for the next wave. in order to reach our target, 2 resistance lines need to be broken.
评论: After the last nights movement a correction took place now it is back to the support line. This might be a good time to buy the dip and prepare for the next wave.
.00034 - .00035 is my next entry point.
评论: Big numbers are coming inside Eidoo 's market cap (not the typical pump and dump scenario). it was almost 150M last night and it is 93M as I am writing this, guys be really cautious or you might loss your money. this is not a normal movement something weird is happening.
评论: Alright, I'll stop trading until market calms down. you can't fish in a stormy ocean.
评论: Market probably is just reacting to the China ban, also please keep in mind that nothing in the world is one dimensional so most likely combination of reasons caused the decline today, which is not a bad thing, guys if the market doesnt drop how can we buy the dips, we need to be paitient and wait for the right time.
评论: looks like the dust has settled, cautiously going back in. I took a risk and was able to buy at some at the dip.
chart is making a tight squeezing point, getting ready for the next upward wave.
评论: BitConnect scam is finally over and it shocked up the market.
it is really important to keep in mind block chain is a really logical technology but it doesn’t mean that every player in the game is going to be honest, whenever money is involved there will be people pulling shits like this.
I think the correction time is over and 0.0003-0.00031 are good back interties.
交易开始: HODL
交易开始: And buy those dips.
交易开始: what dramatic 50 hours, still think that Edo can reach our target.
交易结束:到达止损: Target haven't been reached for various reasons, I'll probably revisit this coin in the future.
no problem, it's my pleasure to share what I am passionate about.

When we talk about long term, ask yourself this: is there a significantneed (demand) for this technology in the future? if the answers is yes then you can think long term about it.

Right now I dont see that Edo is significantly needed for the future, but that could always change if they step up their game.
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mosa.motamedi farhadshabro
@farhadshabro, Thanks for your reply. in crypto anything is possible, young projects like EDO with good team and Fundamentals will have good potential to growth in near future.
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Hi, thanks for your chart. what do u think about long term targets? i think it has potential to go parabolic just like NEBL.
My long term (1-2M) targets is:
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mosa.motamedi mosa.motamedi
farhadshabro mosa.motamedi
@mosa.motamedi, ops I should have posted in reply section
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