EOS—How to find the profit after the trend?

After the pursuit of BTC , I also chased the EOS. In my historical opinion, "EOS/BTC - the perfect Fibonacci ratio! Is the future trend really in the law?" I actually mentioned The trend of strengths and weaknesses related to BTC and EOS.
In the EOS/BTC graphics to capture the strength of the two mainstream currencies, and this fall certainly can not miss the opportunity of empty EOS! Why? Because EOS/BTC has gradually completed the established route in my pre-judgment, then EOS/BTC may open two wave-down adjustments.
The above can feel that in this round of adjustment, EOS may be more intense than the adjustment of BTC!
So short EOS can get more profit in the same cycle than BTC , so naturally you can't let it go!

From the technical side of pure EOS/USDT, I directly chase after the confirmation of the entire uptrend line. The stop loss is set above 5.89. This is a relatively safe stop loss, but the same first. The target position of 5.14 also makes the profit-loss ratio only 1.4:1, but the break-off strategy is a good chance of winning.
At present, the position has been reduced by half, and the stop loss is moved downwards. Next, if we can see if the 5.14 can be confirmed directly, the buying momentum of the whole daily line is not strong, so my personal opinion is to oscillate horizontally. Go ahead, but if it breaks $5.40, I will end this position!
Waiting for the price to break through 5.13 after a wave of waves, the temporary spot is naturally to wait and see, futures watch this wave of daily-level callbacks when and where to stabilize, may be at 4.5 dollars, take a step to see!

I wish you all the best.
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