An EASY and EXACT guide to make 37 % profit on EOS! IF...

To whom it may concern!

This will not be a cocky or arrogant D4rkEnergY writing to my beloved followers out there. It will be a humble and down to earth-kinda guy.

The Royal Highness, Henrik (Henry) the Prince Consort of Denmark, died some days ago and was buried earlier today in Copenhagen. D4rkEnergY is not a royalist, but it is always a beautiful thing to remember the deceased.

We are here taking a look at the 1D EOSUSD Chart. First of all we can see that we have completed a beautiful Elliot Wave Cycle (1-5 and the ABC-Correction). We are still in a downtrend (the black line), but is seems that we already have made our first new Elliot Wave (1) and it's retracement (2).

When that is said, we are NOT going to buy a position at this moment. This is way to dangerous. Even though we might not be far away from breaking out from the downtrend, we are still in a zone of confluence resistance.

We need to break out and up to 10,64 USD before we can make a long position. At that time we are also above the EMA20 and EMA50 with the EMA100 and EMA200 way under us.

This should be a perfect opportunity for us to ride on Elliot Wave 3 up and up to 14,62 USD and make our self a 37 % profit! Remember to put a stop loss. D4rkEnergY will suggest 8,81 USD which give us a Risk/Reward-ratio on 2.17.

RIP R.H. Henrik The Prince Consort of Denmark!

Kind Regards
DarkEnergY <3

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Please update sir
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@aw-dl, fail. he's just a 'Top' trader because for weeks he hijacked top-trader ideas and spammed the comments
Nice thought.
curious if your thoughts will play out. thanks anyway!
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Thanks dude !
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