EOS analysis ---2019.02.27

Yesterday (Tuesday) EOS continued to rebounded to 3.79 on the previous day (Monday) and blocked, the day before the acceptance (Monday), but still fell back to the lowest level of 3.355 on Monday (February 25), temporarily verifying the secondary support of 3.355. Yesterday (Tuesday) evening, EOS still rebounded slightly after approaching 3.355, making EOS rebound to 3.5. From the trading range of EOS 1 hour K-line cycle, EOS trend in the range of 3.355-3.79, there will be repeated.

In terms of short-term overall trend, EOS has jumped up from the box-type consolidation trading range 2.183-3.066 formed from the end of December to 18 February last year after opening up the rising space from the triple resistance of 3.066 on February 18 (last Monday). Even if EOS falls below its lowest level of 3.355 on Monday (February 25) and continues to fall, the market may not fall effectively, as EOS has jumped out of the nearly two-month trading range of 2.183-3.066, it is difficult to return to that area. After falling below 3.355, EOS will probably stabilize above 3.0666. That is to say, the top of 3.0666 will be a strong support for EOS. EOS will also be trading over 3.0666 for a long time.

For EOS short-term trading, the price between 3.79 and 3.355 intervals, long-trading can be tried from 3.45-3.5 intervals to 3.65-3.75 intervals flexibly in a day. Note that if the price break down 3.355, stop loss strictly. In the next day or two, there is still a chance to open short trade near 3.79.


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