ETCBTC chart. Double top or inverted h&s? Opportunity

BUY: 32k-33.5k sat.
T.1-39k sat.
T.2-49k sat.
Stop: 31k (I dont use it now)

Good luck!

*For education purpose only
So the question is how much is it gonna dump before or after the airdrop or not?
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thedarklord369 Bitcoinbegood
@Bitcoinbegood, I'd like to know this as well.
n5e5x5u5s Bitcoinbegood
@Bitcoinbegood, @thedarklord369 It will be not as hard as nxt but low enough. I recommend to sell it 5-3 before the fork. Also, etc is good for holding in a long term. I keep in my head the levels between 15k-25k sat. as the target for the dump. Good luck, have fun =)
Nice chart with the volume this baby is going to rip!
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